Created 6-May-14
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I received a phone call: "I like what you designed/built in front of Shine On Yoga. Could you design/build a fence for me? I want to create a visual separation from my neighbor's un-cared for home."

I need a fence about 68 feet long and at least 6 feet high.
I can give it try.
Japanese design = simple lines. The one aspect that I like from this photo: the small square holes at the top of the fence. I like the open feeling... less of a massive solid wall.Here's my go at a design concept... with a few numbers sprinkled in at what the supplies might cost. Exterior stain would add another $100-$150. Labor... build yourself to save money... or be preparedHere's what my design concept looks like in the format of a 3D model. To save a little money, the fabric panels could be replaced with suspended panels made of wood.

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